Our VTC plants will be deployed across the world and offer support wherever our clients are active in the fields of managing surplus material or waste.



Peter Waschke, Pres./CEO of ITT, our partner from Canada and his team from Holland and Canada was asked by the Government of Indonesia to help solve their continuously growing waste problem with a sustainable, environmentally friendly technology.


In order to start meaningful research in the field of landfill waste, and to combat the enormous volumes of waste produced daily in Indonesia, ITT invited Klaus Serfass to join the team.


ITT in cooperation with Klaus Serfass (and years later his company VTCtech), started to undertake extensive research in Indonesia as well as in Germany to find viable, sustainable solutions to solve these problems.


After many discussions in Indonesia, with the Government of Indonesia, we came to the conclusion that, in order to move forward with a viable Waste Recycling Technology that didn’t further impact the environment, that the waste not only needed to be transformed into a benign product, but we also had to create a revenue stream with a sizable profit as a result of the process.